Our Story

A True Partnership
Dan and Kathy Sprouse, the creative force behind Sprouse House Custom Homes, formed the company over ten years ago. Having met as engineering students in college and now married for over 25 years, Dan and Kathy are truly partners in every sense of the word. Together, the Sprouses manage and operate all aspects of Sprouse House Custom Homes. Dan's focus on engineering integrity and financial management of projects is the perfect complement to Kathy's creativity and personal touch with clients.

Male & Female Perspective
Sprouse House brings both a male and female perspective to all their projects. Every home is built not by just one builder, but two--and better yet, a man and a woman--and best of all, a couple that will hash out ideas, resolve problems, and create the most beautiful and functional home imaginable from every point of view.

Financial & Engineering Expertise
Dan has an undergraduate degree in engineering and has completed a master's degree and doctoral work in finance. A home being the single largest investment most people make, Dan's financial background makes him uniquely qualified to direct and manage this type of project. His financial know-how is unparalleled in the home building industry and his engineering approach to construction brings an attention-to-detail that ensures everything from the foundation to the ceiling structure is planned and built with precision!

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